Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs and more in one platform.

Google Apps offers communication, collaboration and publishing tools, including email accounts on your organization's domain (like jlio@example.org.hk). With Google Apps, your non-profit organization can decrease its total cost of ownership and offer staff the very latest innovation from Google. It's quick and easy to get started even if your non-profit doesn't have a dedicated IT staff.

New! If you are an approved charity organization with IRD-88 certificate of over 3,000 users, you are now eligible for Google Apps Premier Editionat a 40% discount (HK$240/user/year). If your organization is under 3,000 users, you qualify for the free version of Education Edition. Learn more

Gmail - Email with 7.493760 GB of storage per account, mail search tools and integrated chat.
Google Calendar - Coordinate meetings and manage resources with sharable calendars.
Google Docs - Create and share documents without managing attachments.

Email migration tools - Upgrade to Google Apps without losing existing email.
Extensibility APIs - Options available to integrate with existing IT systems or 3rd party solutions.
24/7 customer support - Phone and email support are available for critical issues.

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