Communications, Training, and Support

Launch & support site
Send users to our publicly available Google Apps Learning Center, where they can get started with Google Apps now. Or customize this support site for your intranet using a pre-built Google Sites template.
Helpdesk training & resources
Use these resources to get your Helpdesk ready to support users after your Google Apps deployment.

Email & other communications
Customize these email and other templates to announce your switch to Google Apps to your organization.
User Help Center
Make sure your users refer to this valuable resource for all the details about using Google Apps.

User guides
Customize these user guide and FAQ templates to help users get started with Google Mail and Calendar.
Localized resources
Help users access localized Google Apps resources and product interfaces. Documentation templates available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese.

eLearning videos
Point users to these helpful videos to get them up to speed quickly on Google Mail and Calendar.
Google Apps icons & logos
Add visual elements to your communications, documentation, and training materials about Google Apps.

Quick reference sheets
Give these short, concise guides to users to help them learn to use key features in Google Apps.
Google Apps professional training
Get professional, customized training for your users from one of our Google training partners.

Tips & tricks
Send these customizable tips and tricks to users, to help them get the most out of Google Apps and learn about new features when they're released.