Message Security & Discovery

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Check out following on-demand videos to get the most from your Message Security and Discovery Service.
Getting Started

  Administration Console Basics
This tutorial covers common administrative tasks, such as locating user accounts, adding alias addresses, changing a user's password, adding a user, and viewing reports. (9 min)

  Customizing the User Experience
This tutorial discusses how to customize your users' experience by choosing features and options for the Message Center, Quarantine Summary, and Notifications. (6 min)

  Message Discovery: Configuring Journaling to Archive All Messages
This tutorial provides an overview of the system requirements, steps, and best practices for configuring journaling on your mail server to archive all messages. For Message Discovery only. (12 min)

Show Me How to...

  Add Administrators

Learn how to add administrators so you can delegate administration of your domains, users, and quarantines. (5 min)

  Search Your Message Archive
Learn how to search and recover messages for users from your corporate archive. For Message Discovery only. (5 min)

Resources for Your Users

  Email Security Tour
An animated tour introducing your users to the service and how it works.

  Message Center FAQ
An interactive FAQ providing users with details on using the Message Center.